Responsible. Well thought out. Considerate.

We aim to not waste ressources at the Landhaus. From bathroom cosmetics (avoiding small bottle sizes which cause large amounts of plastic waste) right up to the breakfast buffet, where we keep the waste to a minimum as well. We like to use common sense.

Clean Energy

We use renewable hydropower energy from the Alps.

Solar Energy

Solar system for our swimming pool and water heating.
Photovoltaics for the hotel’s electrical base load.


E-Smart and charging station.


Bees and other insects do enjoy the flower meadow in our Landhaus garden.

Buying Locally

Approx. 70% of our produce is sourced locally, avoiding long distance deliveries.

Waste Prevention

The amount of our residual waste is equivalent to a 5-person household. We try to avoid plastics wherever possible, starting with all our purchases and deliveries. Additionally, we avoid food waste. For instance, we always take our breakfast after our guests, in order to throw away as little as possible.

Grander Water

Due to the high quality of water, our detergent use is 20% lower. Furthermore, Grander Water makes for an outstanding drinking pleasure, rendering water in plastic bottles completely redundant.

Natural Cosmetics

Sustainable LediBelle products are provided in all Landhaus bathrooms – never in small and pollutive individual plastic packaging, but in environmentally friendly bottle sizes instead.