Our premium spa and pool

Absorb the soothing powers of water and warmth, peace and space:

Time passes more slowly in our spa, it’s more intense, but easy. The balanced atmosphere, tasteful ambiance and numerous places to relax, the friendly patio, the generous garden – all of this gives you peace and quiet, allows you to fully unwind and be completely absorbed in the moment.

Simply cast off your everyday life!

Along with the Turkish steam bath, the Finnish sauna and the infrared cabin, the indoor pool forms the heart of the facility: at 9 x 5 m and with its hydro-flow system, the pool is perfect for your daily laps. At a pleasant 29° C, the pool has something special to offer: it is filled with Grander water which is extracted through a special procedure developed by natural scientist Johann Grander. It has a harmonising effect and strengthens the body’s capacity for regeneration and detoxification. And of course the water’s qualities are not just there for swimmers – we also offer it to you as drinking water throughout the hotel!