Our oasis of beauty
Fragrant oils and natural ingredients, sensitive hands and competent heads …

Enjoy a wealth of spa and beauty treatments, from a variety of massages and beauty treatments for your face and body to depilation and detoxification. Our cosmeticians are state-certified. They work with the Gertraud Gruper natural beauty product range and enjoy spoiling you in an elegant ambiance and a warm atmosphere. They will be pleased to fulfil your wishes, meet your individual needs and offer advice if you request it.

… treat yourself to the very best!

We recommend that you inform us when you book your stay of any treatments you may want so we can set up your appointments for you (phone: +49 80 22 9 84 70).


LediBelle „Vital-Facial Treatment“
Exfoliation, massage & Bio-cellulose-mask with dermatoid amino acid; tightening & refreshing (45 min)
59 €
Relaxing facial
With individual massage, active pack, ampoule, deep cleanse, exfoliation, arm pack (90 min)
95 €
Classic facial
Refreshing, revitalising and nourishing (60 min)
78 €
Eyelash & eyebrow dye (20 min) 18 €
Ayurasan for head and face
Your head and neck are massaged to sooth stressed nerves, boost the concentration and revitalise the scalp & hair. (60 min)
72 €


LediBelle „Revitalising Body Treatment“
Energetic, soft massage with goat hair brush  & nourishing goat´s butter, for silky & soft skin (60 min)
69 €
Chi-balance anti-stress body Treatment
Soothes tension and releases energy blockages; firms and cleanses the skin and connective tissue (90 min)
90 €
Gruber „Alpine Balance Body Treatment“
Body exfoliation, lymph stimulation massage,nourishing body pack; detoxicating & relaxing (90 min)
95 €
Silk & velvet” Treatment
Body exfoliation to suit the particular skin type with brushing massage and nourishing body pack (50 min)
„Tegernseer Bergkräuter“ Body Treatment
Body exfoliation with herbs from the Lake Tegern region and energetic massage; purifying & relaxing (90 min)
95 €


Individual full or part body massages
25 min
50 min
35 €
65 €
Foot massage (30 min) 39 €
Ayurasan foot massage (30 min) 39 €
Ayurasan full-body
Body exfoliation with raw silk gloves, body massage with warm oils; for deep relaxation and inner harmony (90 min)
104 €


Detox treatments
Your body detoxifies via the soles of the feet in a special footbath; stimulates liver and kidney function.
With foot exfoliation
(40 min)
39 €
Follow-on treatments 29 €
Gruber detox body treatment
Highly detoxifying and deacidifying, loosening of the fascia (90 min)
98 €


Upper lip (10 min)

Lower leg (25 min)

Full leg (45 min)

9 €

25 €

48 €


Pedicure (45 min)

Manicure (35 min)

45 €

38 €